A Merry Christmas Message from Jude x

To all my wonderful couples that I have worked with this year, my family and friends, you have been an absolute bundle of support for me and my new career path. For so long now this has been my dream. Your love and kindness have made my dream become reality – therefore I thank cannot thank you enough for this opportunity!

To the couples who I have been fortunate enough to marry this year – wow you guys have been remarkable to work with and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to have taken the journey with you as your Celebrant, I was honoured to be part of your day. Every one of you have bought so many unique and distinctive qualities to our sessions and ceremonies, I can definitely say that it takes the word ‘job’ out of what I do.

Love at Christmas

I came across this beautiful poem not so long ago, which really resonated with me and the couples I have worked with this year:

Dove Poem

Two doves meeting in the sky
Two loves hand in hand eye to eye
Two parts of a loving whole
Two hearts and a single soulDove Poem Weddings

Two stars shining big and bright
Two fires bringing warmth and light
Two songs played in perfect tune
Two flowers growing into bloom

Two Doves gliding in the air
Two loves free without a care
Two parts of a loving whole
Two hearts and a single soul

May your love deepen and grow through all the tests and joys that life has to offer you.

And of course let us not forget Christmas, one of my favourite events of the year. Christmas holds a special place in my heart, continuing with the traditions of yesteryear that I have grown up with that my own family still enjoys.

The first day of December is the tree initiation ceremony, along with the abundance of Christmas baking with the children that we then deliver to everyone who have played a huge part in our lives over the year. Presents galore for family and friends under the tree and for the ones less fortunate than us to be given at Christmas mass. The night before Christmas we have supper with our family before Santa pops down the chimney the next day.

Christmas Weddings

Christmas Day is once again shared with family, extended family and friends. Weeks of planning a theme – table setting and delegated roles, makes Christmas for me very special and memorable occasion. A season of great joy, and a time of God showing his great love for us – a time of healing and renewed strength for all.

Christmas Table setting

A magical power is restored at Christmas, our ability to love one another, bring hope to our lives and others and to renew our faith, are actually the greatest gifts of all. Opening presents is definitely a highlight of my day, however having an open heart one wrapped with beautiful ribbons of hope, love and faith is actually what Christmas is to me.

Christmas presents of hope

May God bless your home with peace, joy and love.

Have a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Christmas Wedding

Love Jude




  1. Lisa and Beau says

    Hi Jude,
    We are really grateful for the wonderful no fuss ceremony you gave us. You totally took on board what we wanted to do and supported us. As soon as we met you we knew you were perfect, happy, kind and someone with a neat sense of humour that could deliver exactly what we wanted.
    Thanks again for making our day one in a million!

    Lisa and Beau xx

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