The Unity Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

The joining together of two people is a time of celebration. A carousal of love, adoration, togetherness and honesty coupled by the implementation of beauty and elegance. When two worlds meet as one your united love will be bound in preparation to share your life and joy with each other. A celebration of two lovers, […]

Tips for Writing the Perfect Wedding Vows

Wedding Ceremony

Winter is such a wonderful time of year; the fire is charmingly delicious, playfully dancing in my living room, the serene colours that cover my backyard – barren yet gorgeous. Mulled wine, Sunday roasts, family time – really and truly what better time of year could we be in! Apart from the dreadful weather we’ve […]

Tips to Erase Pre-Wedding Day Stress!

Pre-wedding day stress

Weddings are a time of joy, whimsical happiness, fun, elegance, and oodles of love. But at times unwanted stress can get in the way. Through my own experience with my beloved and advice from other brides, we found that welcoming these few simple tips, can really help alleviate this unwelcomed stress leading up to your […]