Name Giving Ceremonies

Naming Ceremony IdeasWelcoming a new child into your family is a joyous time. For many people, having a naming ceremony is an opportunity to gather with extended family and friends to celebrate this event.

A naming ceremony gives you a way of expressing your love and hopes for the newest family member and invites all those who care for your child to have a role in his/her life, welcoming him/her into their own community.

As a part of this ceremony, the couple may ask two relatives or friends to acknowledge their willingness to act as mentors or supporting adults for the child.

This role is the same as that of a godparent, and asks that they take a special interest in the child’s life and be a support to the parents. For this occasion, the child maybe dressed in an article of clothing of either traditional or cultural significance and this is seen as an acknowledgment of past and future generations.

There are many possibilities open to you when creating a ceremony to welcome your new child into the family, and you can be sure that whatever you decide on it will be a very special day.

Some suggestions you may wish to include in your ceremony:

  • Calling upon family members and friends to participate in the ceremony by reciting poems or readings.
  • Candle lighting.
  • Music.
  • Planting of a tree or the placement of statue is a way of acknowledging a new life.
  • Ask all who are present to write a message of support in a special book for the child to keep or to offer a spoken wish or blessing during the ceremony.

I will work alongside you, providing you with the ideas and resources to design your ceremony, which will be both meaningful and relevant to your family. My gift to you is a personalised certificate to acknowledge this special day in your child’s life.

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