The Timeless Eras

Firstly, welcome to my website and my first blog post!

Thank you for dropping by, I am so excited and fortunate to be doing what I love the most, and to take you on my personal journey as a Celebrant. So thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who made this possible.

With the autumnal colours peeping through each morning, the flaxen golden leaves harvesting our fields, is where I begin to write my first blog. I have been introduced to a new musician recently by the name of Jimmy Lavafe, certainly toe tapping and fits right into my style of music, so as I am writing, he is humming in the background.

Autumn Wedding Photo

My passion:Vintage, Rustic, and Bohemian wedding themes. I’m not sure about you, but something inspires me to connect on a personal level with these themes. I often wonder if it’s because my Grandparents were married during this time. As a child, I distinctly remember sitting, mesmerised by what was captured in that single still framed moment. What were they thinking at that time, how innocent my Grandmother looked, how stoic my Grandfather stood. Or is it my passion for the glorious colours; the florals, the pastels, or the antique paraphernalia, which if you know me is everything that I represent. Whatever the reason is, I absolutely love it, and I know that many of you do too.

The word vintage however is so extensively used nowadays, that it really is one person’s interpretation of how this noun can appeal to you. Another reason why I love these timeless themes, is there are no rules to follow, no guidelines to be met. It can be as unstructured or structured as you like. A wonderland, like The Mad Hatters Tea Party. Just remember this is your day, the theme you choose is to be something that you both love, as this is first chapter in your book as a couple. My following interpretation is a snippet of a timeless era, a love for what is old and new.

The combination of all things beautiful that you could incorporate on your special day. The natural beauty of timeless blooms, an essence of exquisiteness matched with the delicacy of the vases they are placed in. The wondrous scent of a rose that will capture moments of your life, often described as a spiritual connection on a higher energy field. The rose in ancient times has been told to symbolise God at work. Barachiel, the archangel of blessings, is often portrayed with a rose or rose petals. A red rose for love and beauty you may say. But for now I choose the peach and light pink roses, with their luscious smells and aroma, representing elegance, romance and admiration – perfect for the blushing bride.

Pink and Red Roses for your wedding day

At this point, the only word your guests can embrace is ‘love’. For me, browsing second hand shops, garage sales, and family heirlooms is where I am most inspired for décor. Silver will definitely set the scene. A whimsical ‘mix n match’ with enchanting mirrors, frames and photo displays. The wedding gown, well where do I start.

I can thank my Mother for giving me a passion for the love of the wedding gown. The detail, the lace, which was a gift from my grandmother, the sleeves which had to be long and just pointing at the wrist, adorned again with the exquistance of the lace which embellished the gown, the hand embroidered handkerchief as something old passed down from my great grandmother, and of course the fascinator made into a wedding veil…I could go on.

Vintage Handkerchiefs Wedding

The priceless moment of when the groom first sees his bride, sheds a tear, and falls in love all over again. Nostalgia with a drop of familiarity will sweep the room. The brides’ goddesses in tow, with their unique taste of bridesmaid dresses, an assortment of frocks carefully selected by each bridesmaid that will reflect their personality. Whether you’re a winter wonderland or summer retreat wedding, both seasons fuse well for your own inimitable and special fairy tale….Love Jude x

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