The Unity Ceremony

The joining together of two people is a time of celebration. A carousal of love, adoration, togetherness and honesty coupled by the implementation of beauty and elegance. When two worlds meet as one your united love will be bound in preparation to share your life and joy with each other. A celebration of two lovers, a taking of another person in their entirety; as a companion and a friend.

Unity Ceremony

Remember that your wedding day is your day as a couple and as a new family, so how you choose to conduct your day will be your choice. There are many ways that couples look to instrument a unique element to their wedding day; traditional or contemporary. Two beautiful and imaginative ways that I love to suggest to my couples would be to include a Unity Ceremony with either Sand or the Unity Candles.

Unity Sand Ceremony

The origins of the Unity Sand Ceremony is both controversial and shrouded in mystery. Possibly dating back thousands of years to the Native American Indians or possibly to the Hawaiians, both versions of this traditional ceremony are very romantic and spiritually mystical.

This rather simple yet visually appealing sand adornment is a great souvenir to take with you that will be symbolic of your day. By combining two coloured sands into a single vessel represents the blending of two very different beings; the bride and the groom. The Unity Sand Ceremony is a beautiful celebration and reflection of a couple’s commitment to each other. The vase (containing the sand) also serves as a visual representation of the commitment made by two families coming together as one.

Unity Sand Ceremony

The ceremony will usually take place after the rings and the exchange of vows – but this is entirely up to you as it will only last a matter of minutes.

An example of a simple Unity Sand Ceremony could be to have three (usually glass) vessels; one holding the bride’s sand, one holding the groom’s sand, and an empty one that will soon hold both. These vessels are usually best situated on a small table nearby where the ceremony is to take place. I would then go on to explain the meaning of the ceremony to your guests. From here we would invite the groom to pour his sand into the empty glass then offering the bride to pour her sand too. The bride and groom will then pour each of their sands together with a single stream pouring into the empty glass vessel.

Unity Sand Ceremony

If you do have sand from two different locations this is great, but coloured sand will also achieve the same desired results. By having to different coloured or different location sands shows the joining of the two very different people in turn solidifying their equally beautiful love for one another.

The beauty of the Unity Sand Ceremony is that it can be a very cost effective way of expressing your love for each other.

Unity Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Much like the Unity Sand, the bride and groom will both take a lit candle and simultaneously light a third larger ‘unity candle’. Depending on how you see the Unity Candle Ceremony representing your life as a couple, you can either blow out the candle or leave them lit till the closing of the ceremony.

The candles used are almost always white however a variation on this can be for you to decide on.

The candles fire is very magical; a true representation of the light when two people are in love – two people keeping it aflame. This candle is a symbolisation of harmonious unity, as you as the couple come together giving a spark of yourselves to create a new light.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony can also be a great way to include both families, for example the Mothers of both families can light the candle and pass on to you as the couple.

As a Marriage Celebrant, my main focus is working with you as the couple to be. At our initial meeting, we can discuss the many more ceremony ideas and vows both traditional and modern – which ever you choose. On becoming your Celebrant, I will be available for support and to help guide you through this next phase of your lives. I am here to ensure all aspects of your day are met to the highest expectation and delivered with poise and elegance.

The nature of love is unselfish, understanding, kind and ongoing, may let it be nurtured throughout your life as a couple.

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