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Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, and I would love to help you create a ceremony that is memorable and is very special. I consider it a great honour to be asked to be part of such a significant milestone.

My commitment to each couple is to ensure that their ceremony reflects who they are, and what they want to say to their friends and families, and to each other.

Your ceremony is personal to you. It is a celebration of two people’s love, and I take great pleasure in creating something unique. I will make every effort to ensure you get exactly what you want.

My ceremonies are well written, delivered with style and ease. It is important to me to that you enjoy every minute of this part of your wedding day, and to ensure you are relaxed.

My level of presentation is high, and my delivery style is warm with a clear audible voice.


My Process:

  1. I offer to meet with you both for an initial mutual interview of about half an hour to an hour (no charge). This is very relaxed, I listen to what you would like, and if you are uncertain, then I can offer ideas and suggestions for you both to consider. Most importantly is that you are comfortable with me. It can be such a challenge to ask a relative stranger to be part of your day, which will become one of the most special moments in your lives. I can guarantee that by your wedding day. We certainly will not be strangers!
  1. Once you have confirmed me as your celebrant, we get together again to compile the actual ceremony. I have many ideas and resources, and a simple structure to guide you so we create together the wedding that is personal for you both. A week after our compiling session, you will receive your ceremony by e-mail. This then gives you the opportunity to have some time on your own to reflect on the ceremony, and make the relevant changes. We stay in touch by phone or e-mail.
  1. The rehearsal is usually a couple of days before your wedding day (depending on Venue availability). I really encourage a rehearsal as this gets all the technicalities out of the way such as;
  • If the ceremony is to take place outside, we need to make sure we have the right setting for where you will stand.
  • Look at where the sun will be and that there is some shade available.
  • Check out the wet weather cover.
  • It is important to rehearse with music to ensure the timing of the pieces of music you have chosen are the right length. This avoids having the music run out halfway through your entrance! Having this rehearsal will ensure your wedding day will run smoothly.
  1. On your wedding day, I will arrive 1 hour before the guests arrive, and I will remain after the ceremony until your initial photos have been completed.

What you the couple need to do well before the wedding day, is to apply for a Marriage License.

You will need to allow at least three working days for the application to be processed. The license is valid for three months.
I ask that you bring your marriage license in the envelop to the rehearsal so I have it.

Please use the link below to ‘Birth Deaths & Marriage’ to download the application form.

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